Erhan Kılıç

A curious web developer from Turkey who interested in software engineering, science, artifical intellegence, science-fiction, art and book.

After a long time…

After a very long time, my weight droped to 79 kg. I’m very happy :)

My ladies…

These are my lovely ladies :) …

A visit to Kurtuluş Park

Kurtuluş Park

Kurtuluş Park

A visit to Kurtuluş Park at Ankara after a long time.

Way to Ankara

A bit late but better than nothing. Let’s go to Ankara!

Tried A New Dish

I ate a new meal today. Chinese style chicken. Soya and curry sauce are used. The taste is wonderful, I would recommend it to everyone.

First Entry

My first entry for my wall. Let’s see….

E=mc2 means Errors = MoreCode2